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Words of Encouragement
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God bless our country
The New Year
The story of the Birth of Christ Jesus
Jesus in the Holidays
Seeking Wisdom
Prayers To Speak GOD'S Word Prophetically
How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Purpose of the Baptism in the Spirit
Born of the Spirit, Baptised in the Spirit
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Overcoming the Enemies of faith
How to Develop Faith
Faith in God [2] - Why We Must Believe God
Slow me down,Lord!
Your Master has need for you
Hasty Judgment
Short Uplifting Quotes
If Jesus came to your House
Faith in God
Draw near to God
To know God
The Word of God
Being Close to Christ
All Things Work for Good
Playing to your Strengths
Overwhelmed by Negative Feelings?
Donít Worry, Trust God
Let God choose
Bible Verses About Wisdom: 20 Helpful Scriptures
Powerful Gifts of the Spirit
Discover the Power of Forgiveness
God Doesnít Hear My Prayers
The Book & How We Got It
Reflecting More Perfectly
Patience ~ Joshua
The Man with Two Sons
The Power of Friendship
How God Answered
The Next Question
Stress-Free Life
Hardened Heart
My Arm-Breaking Bible
God's Judgment on His Enemies
Why am i discouraged ?
The Rich Fool
Help us to live spiritual lives
God's Unique Word
The Word Distinctive?
Forty Days and Forty Nights
Simple Words - Great Calls
Sit, Stand or Walk
Who You Are in Christ Jesus
The Men on the Road to Emmaus
The Prayers of the Saints
Easter Perspectives
A chance to growÖ
Finding Comfort in Godís Protection
Learning to Trust in God Through Difficult Times
Seek the Face of God Through the Storm
Simple Words
The Sweet Smell of PineSol
God's Greatest Things
Passages about Thanksgiving
Samson or Job?
Hannah Prayed
It's about God, Not Us
God's Voice - God's Timing
Be Careful What You Are Thinking God is Listening
Faith Determined
Faith in Jesus Christ
How God Answers Prayer
A Mighty Plan
Glory and Authority
Change Who's Mind?
Christ's Church
Speaking Confidently
Jesus is the Son of Man
From the Heart
Peace, Be Still
Use Your Manual
To Confound the Wise
Tangible Anguish
Lord of All
Finger Pointing
Verses on Anger
Control my tongue!
Bustle and Excitement
Thoughts For Today
How I live my life
You can have the dream
The Life of the Word
Be a Good Hater
Parental Lessons from Joash
God's Accouting System
Cure For Backsliding
The Beauty of Words
Knowing and Doing God's Will
Use Jesus as your plumbline
My Brotherís Keeper
The Armour of God
Have you met Him?
Micah's Mum: True Forgiveness
An Encouraging Poem
God Sees
My Fault
God's Word
God will make a way
Men's Fellowship
How God Answers Prayer
God's Blessing
We all make our own choices
Nowhere Else to Go
Every Day in Every Way
How to deal with doubt in your life
The Blessed Life
The Message the World Needs to Hear
God's Sign to a Lost World
The Esau Syndrome
God Is Not Mocked
Loving the Dark
A Dangerous Place
Experiencing God's Discipline
God's Eraser
Stand Your Ground
An Element of Faith
Donít Neglect Your Hugs!
On the Mountaintop
"Admit Your Fears"
Wisdom from the Psalms
In the Presence of God
Roll back the stone
Sons of Thunder
God's Passion
Dealing with Sin
The church is for God, not for people.
If we are to save others we cannot save ourselves
Sinful Nature
Have you got a vision?
The Final Battle
The Gifts for Jesus
Do it for God's Glory
Our Sins
A last challenge
God's Gift
The Greatest Christmas Gift
Approaching the day
Don't be late
The reason we celebrate Christmas
The point of Christmas
What I Want for Christmas
Have we adopted the casual approach ?
"The Lord is there."
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Our Faith
Love to my family
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.
I Will Not Leave You
THE LORD is my Shepherd
God's Favour
By Grace
Do you believe?
Walking on Water?
True Repentance
Don't miss the main event
God's Grace
Don't worry about anything
Are you a genuine Christian?
David's mighty men
Self Control
Eternal Life?
His written word
Live in the truth
Do we take God for granted?
More of Jesus
The Right Perspective
Wear the right armour!
A rose for Grandma
There is no problem too big
The Gospel of Mark
Real Faith
You can't take it with you!
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