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Britainís Baptist Times to close after 156 years
Ukrainian Pastor to cycle all over the world to support orph
Evangelist Billy Graham home
Pastor Jaerock Lee speaks about the problems of modern Chris
Pastor: I Was Healed of Diabetes in Manmin Central Church
Ministry emphasizes need for child involvement in missions
International Evangelist R.W. Shambach Dies
Orthodox Christians Commemorate Baptism of Jesus
Focus on the Family Helps Families Live Debt Free
'John 3:16' Most Googled Term after Tebow-Time Win
NY Church Fights to Hold Services at School
Most Mormons Say Their Religion is Christian
UK Christians Help Families Facing Hard Times
Out of the Rubble: Helping Haiti Rebuild Lives
Royals Mark 400th Anniversary of King James Bible
New consortium to equip Christians in social media
The Bible is being used to transform the lives of thousands
Bible Exhibit Shows Faith of Chinese Christians
Joel Osteen Says Mormons Are Christian
'Fireproof' movie is among top five movies in USA
Egypt's Military Blames Christians for Violence
False Reports on Iran Pastor's Retrial Worrisome
CBN Helping Senegal Disabled Gain Independence
'Lost Boy' Begs US to Help End Sudan Slave Trade
Lawmakers Unite to Save Iran Pastor Facing Death
Deadly Attack on Coptic Church Sparks Cairo Riots
Lawyers Fear Iran Concocting Case Against Pastor
Chaplains Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Marriages
Bible 'Balloon Offensive' Floats into North Korea
School District Bans Rosaries Due to Gang Ties
Iran Caving to Pressure on Pastor's Death Sentence?
God healed a man in Asia after missionary's prayer
happiness at last
Rep. Wolf: Make Religious Freedom Higher Priority
Faith & Freedom Coalition Mobilizes Christian Base
Egypt's Coptics Ignore Leader's Call to End Sit-In
Persecution Mounts against China's Shouwang Church
The Easter Story ... in Sand
Christians Celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem
The Jewish Jesus: Lamb of God
U.S. Agency Calls China to Allow Easter Worship
Obama: Christ's Travails Put Others in Perspective
Egypt's Christians Flee amid Islamic Threat
Libya's Christians Hope for Change Amid Protests
Moscow Church Spearheads Russia Revival
Thousands Saved at Historic Vietnam Rally
Church of England Prays for Royal Couple
Hope in Crisis: When Tragedy Hits Home
Hope in Crisis: Where is God When Tragedy Hits?
Hope in Crisis: Meeting Needs with God's Love
Groups Hail Changes to Pro-Islam Measure
Easter Service Ad Pulled for Mentioning Jesus
Vietnam's Christians Not Afraid of Persecution
Radical Islam on Rise in Egypt, Christians Afraid
Will Libyan No-Fly Zone Add to Christians' Woes?
Israel's 'Save a Child's Heart' Builds Bridges
Japanese-Americans Pray for Quake Victims
Charity Aid Group in Japan to Help Relief Efforts
Malaysia to Release Bibles Marked 'Christians Only'
Spirit-Led Revival Movement Sweeps Brazil
Egypt Muslims to Build Mosque in Place of Church
Hundreds Killed in Massive Japan Quake
Despite Turmoil, Christians, Jews 'Honour' Israel
Muslim Mob Attacks Coptic Village, Church in Egypt
Christians in Shock over Pakistani Minister's Murder
Group Urges Prayer for Libya's Christians
Search Still on for New Zealand Quake Survivors
Child Offers Parents a 'Window to Heaven'
NZ Quake Does Not Stop Church Services
Middle East Protesters Stand Up to Tyranny
African TV to Broadcast Christian Programming
Unfrozen: Gospel Reaches the 'End of the World'
Prayer Movement 'Rising Up' Australia
Membership Drops for Largest U.S. Denominations
Chinese Activist Beaten After Video's Release
Chilean Miner Shares Testimony with the World
Muslim Mob Burns Indonesian Church Buildings
Missionary to Return to Mexico after Wife Murdered
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Prophet and Spy
Uzbekistan Pastor Freed
Obama Intimately Shares His Faith in God
Israel Archaeologists Discover 1,500-Year-Old Church
Christians Say Egypt Unrest Uniting Religions
France Girds for Debate after 'No' to Gay Marriage
Pope to Catholics Online: 'It's Not Just About Hits'
Bible Teacher to Restore Famous UK Church
Prayer Urged for Pakistani Christian Facing Death
Missionary's Death Doesn't Stop Mission's Heart
Va. School District Reposts Ten Commandments
Court Upholds World Vision's Hiring Practices
Egypt Accuses Gaza Militants in Church Attack
Christian Food Bank 'Trust' Helps UK's Impoverished
Australians Petition God amid Historic Floods
Poll: Most Say Prayer Saved Rep. Giffords' Life
Ala. Gov. Apologizes for Remarks on Christians
British Hotel Owners Fined for Turning Away Gays
EU Calendar Omits Christian Holidays
Tucson Widow Honors Slain Husband
Underground Chinese Church Goes Public
Scorecard Grades Congress on Religious Freedom
'Love A Child' Ministry Builds Homes for Haitians
Atheist to High Court: Drop 'In God We Trust'
Fishermen Cry Foul over Sea of Galilee Ban
Policeman Shoots Christian Dead in Southern Egypt
Slain Pakistani Gov. Stood Against Blasphemy Law
Men Receive Life in Prison for Texas Church Fires
Russian Christians Prep to Celebrate Christmas
Why the West Won't Hear about Persecution
'Third Church' China's New Face of Christianity
Egypt's Christians Urge Protection Amid Attacks
Franklin Graham to Bring 'Hope' to Haiti Sunday
Muslim Speaks Against Attacks on UK Christians
Iraqi Christians Urged to Stay Despite Attacks
Even in NFL, Tebow Proudly Wears His Faith
Burmese Refugees Find New Life in Christ
Islamic Terrorists Continue Attacks on Iraqi Christians
Muslim Speaks Against Attacks on UK Christians
Egypt Church Bomb Probe Focuses on Local Group
S. Korea Places Christmas Tree on N. Korea Border
Fearful Iraqis Cancel Christmas Celebrations
The Jewish Jesus: Son of David
Did the Wise Men Know Jewish Prophecy?
Groups Want Violence Against Nigerian Christians Stopped
Underground Chinese Church Goes Public
Vietnamese Pastor Arrested, Bible School Demolished
Iraqi Christians Want Their Own Province
R.M. Gano: A Christian Confederate General
Biblical Animals on Display at Jerusalem Zoo
'Church' Find Reveals America's Christian Foundation
Study: U.K. Youth Place Little Value in Religion
Africa: The Most Religious Place on Earth
CBN's WorldReach Releases 'Cool Worship' CD
'Great Commission' Completed in This Generation?
Burma, China Top List of Religious Persecutors
Malaysia's Christians Stand Firm Despite Muslim Pressure
Iraqis Worship in Church Attacked by Militants
Detroit Protestors March for Iraqi Christians
Restoring 'Smiles' to Romania's Children
Al Qaeda Group Promises Attacks On Iraqi Christians
Case Could End Religious Scholarship Donations
Laussane Congress Ends With Call to Spread Gospel
From Darkness to Light: A Chilean Miner's Story
Experts: Haiti Cholera Outbreak Not Over
Indonesian Tsunami Death Toll Rises, Aid Trickles In
Missionary: 'N. Korean Captors Tortured Me'
Charity Aid Group Fights Disease in Mexico
Chinese Gov't Stops Christians from Attending Church Event
World Evangelism Event Draws Thousands to Africa
Charity Group Supports Needy Ukraine Families
Gospel Reaches China Through CBN's Music Ministry
Italy Moves to Ban Burqas
Rwandan Rebel Leader Arrested for War Crimes
Faith-Based Prison Dorm Setting Women 'Free'
Survey: More Missionaries Becoming Tech-Savvy
Cape Town to Host Lausanne Evangelical Congress
Aid Group's Miss. Fish Fight Malaria in Haiti
Christians Worldwide Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles
Survey: American Knowledge of Religion 'Poor'
U.S. Construction Aid for Haiti Tied Up in D.C.
New Movie 'Grace Card' -- Hope Trumps Bitterness
Bolivian Students Changed by Outreach Event
Helping Long-Term Missions Succeed
Lawmakers Spotlight N.Korea Sex Trafficking
Shoeshine Boys Find Confidence in Christ
Thousands Attend Evangelist's 9/11 'CityFest' Event
Indonesian Pastors Attacks Highlight Rise in Extremism
Romanian Gypsies Find Hope in Christ
Christian's Outreach to Gays: I'm Sorry
Vatican: Pope's U.K. Tour a Success
Blast Kills At Least 17 in Christian Area of Russia
Fla. Pastor 'Suspends' Koran Burning Plans
Messianic Jewish Teen's Bomber May Avoid Trial
Ukraine Couple Establishes Family-Based Orphanage
Indonesian Christians Beaten Going to Church
Internet Tools Cast Wide Net for Evangelism
Garden Tomb Threatened by Muslim Construction
Colombia Ordinance Could Force Church Closures
Congo's First Lady: 'We Need You, Lord'
UK Christians Expanding to the 'Apps Generation'
Taliban Kills Three Christian Aid Workers
U.S. Christian Home After Months in N. Korea Jail
'Daughters of Cambodia' Leave Sex Trade for Christ
Taliban Threatens Aid Workers as Flooding Continues
Trapped Chilean Miners Survive on Faith
Indonesia Christians Suffer for Religious Freedom
Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus
Meltdown: Zimbabwe Back from the Precipice?
White House Insists Obama is a Christian
Food Shortages Next for Pakistan Flood Victims
Niger Faces Worst Hunger Crisis Ever
Christians Denied Foster Kids Over Moral Stance
Christian Group Encourages Prayer Through Ramadan
Now an Adult, Whatís Next for Rifqa Bary?
Christians Leaders Urge Nation to 'Pray and ACT'
FBI May Look into Afghanistan Aid Team Ambush
Alfa Omega TV Brings Light to Europe
Crystal Cathedral's Schullers Take Pay Cut
Judge: No Reunion for Ohio Convert and Parents
U.S. Taxpayers Funding Constitution Vote in Kenya?
Evangelist Benny Hinn Opens Heart to Viewers
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