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Emma hoolin
my niece
For My niece..
A Prayer for Iris
A Prayer for Phil
A prayer request for myself.
A Prayer for Pat
A prayer for Margaret & Monica
Prayers for all Soldiers
UPDATE - A prayer for Martin & Janet
UPDATE - A prayer for Ian
A prayer for toddler
A prayer for the suicidal
A prayer for Johnathon
A prayer for Carol
A prayer for Barbara
Prayer for Pam
prayer for my sister and her family
prayers for grandma - UPDATE
A Prayer for phil (pastor)
Prayers for Guidance and Clarification
UPDATE - A prayer for Tom & June
A Prayer for Carol - Cancer
Muriel (Illness) - UPDATE
Reece (leukemia)
A prayer for Jack Smith (soldier) - UPDATE
A prayer for Joseph
Prayer for Our Youth
A Prayer for James - UPDATE
Soldiers in Afghanistan
Mental Cruelty and Verbal Abuse
UPDATE : A Prayer for phil (pastor) and his family
Little Harry - UPDATE
Josephs Eyesight
The moving from our old building to the new one
A Child
Shine a light
Prayer for One Church
Request for Sam's Eye - UPDATE
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