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Our Daily Bread
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Go Fish
Samson and Jesus-Part 1
The Impact of Sacrifice
Key #2 to Effective Prayer - Being Connected
Key #1 to Effective Prayer - Being Specific
Do You Cherish God's Word?
The Best Safeguard Against Adultery
Dealing with Sin
Protecting The Children
Better Than Life
The Right Perspective
The "Good Old Days"
For All People
Once for All!
No More Remembrance
God Leads from Within
A Better Covenant
The Rightful Place of Angels
The Supremacy of Jesus
The Reward for Obedience
The Cost of Disobedience
Opening the Door to Calamity
Are You a "Convenient Christian"?
When It Is Right to Disobey
Respecting Your Boss
Pay Your Taxes!
Obeying Civil Authority
An Enemy to Your Enemies
Obedience in Marriage
Obey and Honour
It's Never Too Late
The Blessing of God's Spiritual Influence
Rx for Depression
The Cure for the Drought Brought by Sin
The Number One Cause for Spiritual Drought
God's Plentiful Rain
The Blessing of God's Spiritual Influence
The Face of God
The Power of Humility
Gaining the Victory
God's Provision for Your Failure
God's Heart
God's Eyes
Have You Dug a Pit for Others?
The Vital Sign of Pride
The Motive of Faith
The Place of Blessing
Your Purpose
Little Faith
God Does Care
Your Professional Trainer
Understanding Faith
Exercising the Muscle of Faith
Strengthening Your Faith
The Reward of Godliness
Sowing Righteousness
The Main Pursuit
Spiritual Metamorphosis
Choose to Love
Pursue Love!
Seeing God Through Nature
When Peace Isn't Possible
The Power of a Gift
Listen… to Understand
Winning an Offended Brother
When God's Plan Doesn't Make Sense
A Seedbed of Faith
God's Choice of People
Obey and Get Unstuck
Stop Blaming and Rise Up
The First Step Toward Freedom
Power in Numbers
Overcoming Barrenness
What's Your Motive?
Sour, Angry, and Negative
At Just the Right Time
Preparation for Promotion
Faithful to Another
Three Relationships that Make Us Rich
Faithfulness and Open Doors
Humpty Dumpty?
Let God Do His Job
It's All Mapped Out
Who Made the Sun Shine?
Life's Proper Focus
He Has Said, So We May Say
Your New Nature
Not Ashamed
Don't Lose Out
The Snare of Fear
The Power of Proclamation
The Power of Your Presence
How to Pray for the Unsaved
Turning Desire into Prayer
The Prerequisite of Prayer
God's Priority
Richer Blessings
Exceedingly Great and Precious Promises
Forever With Him
An Encouraging Word
God's GPS
Bearing One Another's Burdens
Prayers and Preaching
Not There Yet
The Remnant
It Will All Work Out
The Road to Perfect and Complete
Unlikely Vessels
Agreeing With God's Word
You're Not Stuck
Spiritual Treasure
His Stuff
It's All About Him
The Right Perspective
Real Treasure
Sow Good…Reap Blessing
Rich Blessings
The Path to Maturity
Your Real Adversary
Stop the Worry
Keep Laughing
Keep Trusting
For Just a Little While
I always knew
The Right Word at the Right Time
The Core Motivation for Giving
Rich or Poor
Where's Your Heart?
The Right Motivation
Giving to Get?
What's Your Measure?
Robbing God—of What?
Tithing Today?
God Can Build The Family
Builder and Protector
Promises, Promises
Uniquely You
Guarding Your Ways
Could it be Today?
No Fear
The Power of a Word
An Original
Worry About Work
The Coming Reward
Wise Counsel
Convicting and Convincing
The Comforter
Character Counts
Common Ground
Compassion for the Lost
Go Fish
When God Has Our Hearts
God's Guidance System
The Heart of the Issue
A Matter of the Heart
Giving When No One Sees
What Has You?
The Secret to God's Provision
Living for Whom?
It Might Be Today
Samson and Jesus—Part 2
Samson and Jesus
The Impact of Sacrifice
Where Satan Will Attack Second
The Devil's Seeds of Doubt
Attack at the Point of Spiritual Breakthrough
You Made it This Far!
Getting Established in the Faith
Protecting New Believers
Where Satan Will Attack First
The Reality of the Battle
Do You Really Believe It?
The Power to Forgive
Hindered Prayers
Keys to Effective Prayer—Forgiveness
Keys to Effective Prayer - The Holy Spirit's Help
Keys to Effective Prayer—Humility
Keys to Effective Prayer—Endurance
Keys to Effective Prayer - Consistent with God's Will
Keys to Effective Prayer - Praying From the Heart
How to Stay Connected
Keys to Effective Prayer - Being Connected
Keys to Effective Prayer - Being Specific
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