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Capt Kirk



T he written, living Word of God,
R ighteous laws in His faithfulness;
U nited with Love, Mercy and Goodness.
T he blessings of Peace without any strife,
H ere is reality - Christ's Way and His Life.
Capt Kirk


C rucify! Crucify! Hear the mob cry,
R elease Barabbas! Let Jesus Christ die.
U plift on a Cross of anguish and pain;
C rown of thorns, scourging and cruel disdain;
I nnocence paying redemption’s full price,
F orgiveness for sin through faith in His blood;
I niquities cancelled by love’s sacrifice.
E ternal life given to all who believe,
D ied to bring new life to all who receive.
Capt Kirk


R eal sorrow for one's sin and transgressions,
E arnest conviction of personal guilt;
P leading for the Father's forgiveness,
E ntreaty to God through Jesus' blood spilt.
N o cover up before His holiness,
T urning to God in humble confession.
Capt Kirk


M y sins all forgiven through Jesus Christ,
E rased by His blood sacrificed.
R eward of God's compassion and pity,
C ondemnation gone forever;
Y ou, loving God, have set me free.
Capt Kirk


P resence of God giving peace to the heart,
E very day trusting the Lord – whatever He brings;
A bsence of personal struggle and strife,
C ontentment of mind stayed on the Lord for all things,
E ver trusting in Christ day by day in one's life.
Capt Kirk


P acified wrath of God against our wrongs within,
R edeeming love  of Jesus has cancelled man's sin.
O ffering of Christ's sacred blood shed on the Cross,
P enalty of death removed – gone our shame and loss.
I n Christ Jesus, God's blessings never cease,
T he Gospel of His deliverance brings release;
I n His name we have righteousness, mercy and peace.
A ppeasement by removal of man's transgression,
T hrough Christ's death at Calvary we have salvation,
I n Him we're rescued from the Father's wrath;
O nly by our belief in God's dear Son,
N ow atoned in Jesus we are made one.
Capt Kirk


T o walk by faith and not by sight,
R ely on the Lord whatever may be,
U nder God’s safe care for body and soul;
S tanding on His sure word as if you can’t see,
T herefore believing in hope for God’s in control.

I like these. nice.
Capt Kirk


F irm trust in God, knowing my life’s in His care,
A lways looking to Jesus for answers to prayer.
I nto His loving arms my soul I commit,
T rusting Him, for all things, as I walk in His Way,
H is keeping power like a fortress each day.
Capt Kirk


E vermore God is with us,
M anifest in Israel;
M ary named her newborn – Jesus,
A ngels clove the skies to tell -
N ews, Good News, of the Saviour’s birth;
U nto us His peace on earth,
E verlasting Gospel tidings -
L ord of lords and King of kings.
Capt Kirk


M an born of a woman, the Prince of Peace,
E mmanuel of Israel, for God is with us;
S on of David, Whose kingdom will never cease.
S aviour of mankind and Jesus is His name,
I nnocent Lamb of God Who bore our sin and shame.
A nointed One and God’s only Son, Christ the Lord,
H oly One - for ever worshipped and adored.
Capt Kirk


J oy of heaven on earth for all to see,
E ternal life given to set sinners free;
S on of God sent our Redeemer to be,
U plifted on the cross of Calvary’s tree;
S inless Saviour Who died for you and for me.
Capt Kirk


S ent by God, the Father, to save sinners,
A ll our iniquities laid on God’s only Son,
V enerated in heaven, the Holy One.
I n the Lord Jesus Christ we have eternal life,
O nly God’s Son can take away our sin and strife.
U ndying love of Mary’s Son, the Lord Jesus -
R edeemer Who died on the Cross for us.
Capt Kirk


C hrist the only Son of God,
R edeemed us on that tree of shame;
O ur sins He bore taking the blame,
S aving our souls on Good Friday,
S o let us now give thanks and pray.
Capt Kirk

R escue of sinners as from Egypt's slavery,!
A full price paid when Jesus died to set us free.!
N o longer bound by Satan's evil chain,!
S ouls delivered from sinful shame and stain.!
O ne Mediator for all mankind sacrificed,
M y sinful life redeemed by sinless Jesus Christ.
Capt Kirk


A ffirmation to declare positive motivation
S afety to be free from harm and danger
P ain relief to remove or ease physical pain
I nspiration to be encouraged or excited
R est to be put at ease or relax
E ternity a touch of
Capt Kirk


A t one with God in the Lord Jesus Christ,
T hrough His life on the Cross He sacrificed.
O nce and for all Christ paid the penalty,
N ow and forevermore through all eternity;
E ach soul redeemed by His blood shed at Calvary.
M ade one in Him as each sinner believes,
E ach soul forgiven as each one receives.
N o longer at odds with God, our Maker,
T ransgressions all cancelled by our Redeemer.
Capt Kirk


S inless Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ,
A ll Sin cancelled by His blood sacrificed.
L iving Lord Jesus raised up from the dead,
V ictorious in His bruising Satan's head.
A cquitted souls cleansed by His death on Calvary,
T he Prince of Peace sent to die for you and for me.
I mmanuel - for our God is with us,
O ur thanks and praises raised in unity;
N ow saved by His Life, the Lord Christ Jesus.
Capt Kirk


R eunited in Christ's love, God's only Son,
E nmity between God and man forever gone.
C rucified on the Cross for all eternity,
O nly Jesus Christ has died for you and for me.
N ow peace with God and our sins forgiven,
C hrist has made peace on earth as in heaven.
I n God's Messiah all things are made new,
L ife and unity for Gentile and Jew.
I n Christ, our Lord, we are all declared free,
A ll our sins washed away at Calvary.
T here in Jerusalem the Saviour died,
I n His death we're rescued and justified -
O nly by our faith in God's holy Son,
N ow atoned in Jesus we are made one.
Capt Kirk


R eason the Christ Child came by human birth,
E ach soul delivered blotting out our blame;
D ied to redeem all mankind on God's earth,
E mmanuel, a Child, came to cancel our shame.
M ade Sin for us to cleanse and make righteous,
P aid the penalty of death to give us His life;
T he one and only Kinsman Redeemer is He,
I nto our world to redeem from all sin and strife.
O n that cruel Cross He died for you and for me,
N ow all trusting in Jesus Christ are truly free.
Capt Kirk


C hrist Jesus was born in a stable – King of kings!
H olly and mistletoe – bright coloured lights on every tree,
R ichest plum puddings and roast turkey with all the trimmings!
I s this what Christmas time should only be?
S ee now – God's only Son, the Christ Child born in a manger,
T he Babe of Bethlehem sent to die on a cross of wood –
M ade sin for rich and poor, the lonely and unloved stranger,
A ccepting all; who come to Him, with words that truly say:
S aviour, Gift of God, we greet You, with love, on Your birthday!
Capt Kirk


H e came like wind and fire at Pentecost,
O ne with God, the Father and Christ, the Son.
L iving in each believer day by day,
Y our Advocate, another Holy One.

S tandby, Intercessor and Strengthener,
P atient, loving and joyous Comforter.
I n the beginning at Earth's creation,
R ighteous judgement of Sin's condemnation.
I nspiring Breath of Christ, the Lord,
T he Spirit's sword, God's truthful word.

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